Kick Plates, Grills, Badges and Exterior Accessories    
  Stainless Steel Grilles        
  A smart replacement grill that improves the appearance and substantially increases the airflow to the radiator.
  • Designed specifically for the earlier Chimaera to update its appearance. Mesh size and pattern very similar to that used by Jaguar, Aston Martin etc.
  • Open area of the grill is increased from approximately 55% to over 70%, giving substantially improved cooling.
  • Strong design helps protect radiator from road debris.
  • Access to air filter etc. easier.
  • Supplied with instructions and materials to fit as a complete replacement of the existing grill.
  exc VAT inc VAT
SSG 1 - Complete grill (inc. fixings etc) for all Chimaeras with large one-piece main grill, polished. £191.49
SSG 2 - Complete grill (inc. fixings etc) for all Chimaeras with large one-piece main grill, black coated. £191.49
  Kick Plates        
  Protects the sills from unsightly chips and scuff marks and adds an air of quality every time the door is opened
  • Quick and easy to fit using the special purpose tape supplied.
  • As there are no holes water cannot enter the sills and corrode the chassis.
  • Manufactured from ëSuper Brightí polished (not normal polished) Stainless Steel sheet.
  • All plates incorporate a lip to protect the edge of the sill, smooth edges and rounded corners.
  • Design is permanently chemically etched into the surface
  • We can produce other designs, please call to discuss your requirements.
Kick Plate Sets Per Pair - Stainless Steel Design etched as stated
  exc VAT inc VAT
KPGR Griffithí £47.66
KPGR500 Griffith 500í £47.66
KPCH Chimaeraí £47.66
KPCH450 Chimaera 450í £47.66
KPCH500 Chimaera 500í £47.66
KPST S-Typeí £47.66
KPCE Cerberaí £47.66
KPTU Tuscaní £29.79
KPWD280 Tasmin 280i £50.98
KPWD350 Wedge 350i £50.98
KPWD400 Wedge 400 SE £50.98
KPWD450 Wedge 450 SE £50.98
  High Specification Badges        
  The first thing people look at on a car (to see what it is!)
  • The original badges (any age or style) are refurbished to better than new standard.
  • Option to upgrade Chrome badges to durable Gold badges at the same time.
  • Resin coat gives a permanent, hard, smooth, shiny, finish which covers the whole surface not just the paint.
  • Eliminates build-up of polish and dirt in the badge especially the front one!
  exc VAT inc VAT
HSB 1 - Front or Rear badge, Chrome or gold with black infill. Colours to special order, please call £29.79
  Wheel Hub Screws        
  A smart way to finish Griffith 500 style wheels.  
  • Manufactured in polished Stainless Steel, so will never dull.
  • New key supplied
  • Easier to use
  • Smarter design
  exc VAT inc VAT
WHS 1 - Wheel Hub Screws - All Griffith & Chimaera fitted with Griffith 500 wheels. £21.27
  Roof Latches - S-Type        
  Guaranteed unbreakable Stainless Steel replacement metal latches.
  • Replaces existing plastic latches with a smart and durable alternative.
  • The latch is supplied to us by one of the major international manufacturer of latches and fasteners and we modify it specifically to suit the S-Type.
  • All stainless steel design will not break, so is a more cost effective than buying numerous plastic versions.
  • Finished by a special process to remove all the sharp corners and add a semi-polished surface.
  • Supplied with fitting instructions and fully adjustable as per the originals. Easy to fit, utilising the existing screws and plate, no modification required to the car.
  • Guaranteed for 5 years if fitted and used as designed.
  exc VAT inc VAT
RLST 1 - S-Type, all models. (Supplied as a pair) £34.89

  Hood Covers, Garage Covers, Battery Chargers and Other products    
  In-Garage Car Cover        
  An in-Garage cover, well designed and full of features at a reasonable price
  • Semi-shaped cover that is very quick and easy to fit. Elasticated hem to the front and rear holds the cover in place without the need for extra straps.
  • Manufactured from a Nylon material that is dustproof, breathable and slightly water repellent.
  • Machine washable.
  • Door zips both sides with protective flaps and Velcro hem straps.
  • Storage bag supplied and cleverly attached so that it cannot get lost
  exc VAT inc VAT
GCC 1 - Cerbera & Tuscan £61.28
GCC 2 - Griffith/Cerbera/Tamora £61.28
  Hood Cover        
  Ideal security and wet weather solution.
  • Fully weatherproof, prevents rain entering through windscreen grill, door tops etc. and keeps the hood / windows clean.
  • Provides additional security, no prying eyes can see in, helps prevent the hood being vandalised.
  • Quick and easy to fit, but not easy to steal. Cannot be removed without full access to the car. Securely held on by flaps front/rear and straps around the mirrors, no modifications to car.
  • Manufactured from lined leather grain vinyl, with glued and stitched seams.
  • Specially shaped versions for different models ensures a perfect fit.
  • Supplied with storage bag.
  exc VAT inc VAT
HC 1 - Chimaera/Griffith £127.66
HC 3 - S-Type £127.66
HC 5 - Wedges (convertibles) £127.66
HC 7 - Tuscan Speed Six £127.66
  Roof Panel Bag        

A replacement easy to use roof panel bag specially designed for the TVR© Griffith/Chimaera and ëWedgesí

  • For owners who have lost or damaged the original bag, or who want one that is more user friendly.
  • 2 Strong handles allow easy handling, minimising the risk of dropping.
  • Velcro seal on side flap does not ëself-sealí during fitting of roof panel.
  • Velcro moved from bag entrance reducing damage to mohair finish.
  • End handle acts as a foot loop aiding roof removal and also hooks on boot lid catch allowing single-handed use.
  • Generous dimensions reduce risk of damaging rubber seals.
  • Manufactured in strong black vinyl with polypropylene webbing handles.
  exc VAT inc VAT
RFB 1 - Griffith/Chimaera £42.55
RPB 2 - Wedges £42.55
  Glass care from rain-X        
  Improved visibility safer driving.
Rain X Dual Pack

Glass Cleaner

  • A high performance formula for windscreens, windows and all glass.
  • Its deep cleaning action removes tar, bugs, salt, wax, oils, silicones, water spots and mineral deposits.

Rain Repellent

  • "The invisible windscreen wiper"
  • Creates a super-slick, non-stick coating causing rain to bead for aerodynamic run-off.
  • Dramatically improves visibility in wet weather and helps keep exterior glass clear of rain, sleet, snow, dirt & bugs.
  exc VAT inc VAT
RNXD 1 - Rain-X Kit. 200ml of repellant and 100ml of glass cleaner £6.76
  Battery Charger/Conditioners        
  Accumate a true ëfit and forgetí solution to flat batteriesí. The car is always ready to go.
  • A fully automatic charger that can be used with our Jumpstart leads, or permanently wired into the car.
  • Checks / charges battery accordingly turning on and off as required.
  • Even copes if battery subject to drain by alarm or radio left on by mistake.
  • Can be left connected for long periods.
  • Easy to use but technically very sophisticated, just plug in and switch on. For all types of 12 volt (and 6 volt) batteries.
  • Supplied with crocodile leads and a flying lead for easy connection.
  • Optional cigarette lighter socket lead and extension lead available
  • 2-year warranty, CE marked.
  exc VAT inc VAT
JSC 5 - Charger - All cars. £38.30
JSC 6 - Cigarette lighter lead £7.66
JSC 7 - 2.5 m Extension lead £2.34
  Accumate PRO        
  Accumate a true ëfit and forgetí solution to flat batteriesí. The car is always ready to go.
Accumate PRO
  • A fully automatic charger that can be used with our Jumpstart leads, or permanently wired into the car.
  • Checks / charges battery accordingly turning on and off as required.
  • Even copes if battery subject to drain by alarm or radio left on by mistake.
  • Can be left connected for long periods.
  • Easy to use.
  • Detachable handle.
  • Built-in cooling fan.
  • Thermal probe option available.
  • Supplied with crocodile leads and a flying lead for easy connection.
  • Optional cigarette lighter socket lead and extension lead available
  • 2-year warranty, CE marked.
  exc VAT inc VAT
JSC 8 - Accumate PRO Charger - All cars. £59.57
JSC 9 - Thermal probe £4.68
  Jump start/Charge leads        
  JSC 1 - Complete set (incl. all fittings).
  • Allows battery to be charged when the car is left for any period of time.
  • Alarm can be left on without problems when returning to the garaged car.
  • Eliminates the need to disturb the battery or ECU to jump start or charge the battery.
  • Under bonnet access for easy road side jump starting, no disappearing down the passenger footwell!
  • Manufactured to our design by major battery equipment manufacturer.
  • Heavy duty leads the same size TVR© use to wire battery to starter motor.
  • Heavy duty 175 amp plugs cannot be connected the wrong way round.
  • Leads are 2.5 metres long give easy connection to chargers or other car.
  • Supplied with all fittings necessary -all manufactured in Stainless Steel.
  • No drilling or modifications required.
  exc VAT inc VAT
JSC 1 - Complete set fits Griffith & Chimaera £59.57
JSC 2 - Extension Lead - Fits Tuscan (also makes lead in JSC 1 into conventional jumpstart lead) £34.04
JSC 3 - Handle - Fits JSC 1 and JSC 2 £9.79
  Wheel Painting        
  Keeps aluminium wheels looking like new.
 Wheel Painting
  • The existing wheels are stripped back to bare metal and minor kerbing/rim damage is repaired before painting.
  • Repainted in a choice of colours and oven baked for a very durable finish.
  • Special paint effects available.
  exc VAT inc VAT
WRS 1 - Wheel refurbishing service - All Aluminium wheels £212.77
(4 wheels)
  Rocker Cover Painting        
  The TVR© engine is impressive, keep it that looking way.
  • Aluminium (or steel) rocker covers repainted in a choice of colours.
  • Existing units are stripped back to bare metal before painting. Paint is oven baked to give a durable coating.
  • Oil cap and badge are optional extras.
  exc VAT inc VAT
RCP 1 - Rocker Cover Repainting - All models; V6 or V8 £42.55
£50.00 (pair)

  Aluminium Trim and Interior Accessories    
  Steering Column Stalks        
  Replaces black plastic controls with specially designed Aluminium ones.

  • Adds a equality feel to the switch action and improves look of controls.
  • Precision machined from solid aluminium bar and finished by hand to match existing bezels and controls.
  • Specially processed to give a durable finish that will not leave black marks.
  • Steering column lever smaller than the original and matches the stalk design.
  • Wiper delay knob and steering wheel boss screws completes the steering column transformation.
  • Supplied with full instructions and all tools needed. Easy to fit with no dismantling of the car required.
exc VAT inc VAT
SCS 1 - Griffith/Chimaera all models. 2 x Stalk set £55.32
SCS 2 - Griffith/Chimaera all models. Complete column set. 2 x stalks, column adjustment lever, wiper delay knob & steering wheel screws. £72.34
SCS 2 BLK- Same as SCS 2 but with anodised black body to stalks and column adjustment lever. £72.34
SCS 3 - Steering wheel screws -
standard boss
SCS 4 - Steering wheel screws -
deep boss
SCL 1 - Steering column adjustment lever £20.00
  Windscreen Air Vents        
  Replaces original black plastic items with durable anodised solid aluminium vents.
  • Greatly improves a highly visible area.
  • Finished to match existing instruments and controls.
  • Easy to fit, full instructions provided, no modification required to the car.
  exc VAT inc VAT
WAV 1 - Set of 7 - Chimaera, Griffith & S-Type, all models. £39.79
WAV 2 - Set of 9 - Wedges, later models with 9 vents £51.06
  Window Switches        
  Unique Aluminium window switches to match the other switches and controls
  • Manufactured in 2 parts to completely cover the existing plastic switches
  • Supplied in pairs with full instructions and adhesive to fit.
  exc VAT inc VAT
WSC 1 - pair of switch covers
Fits Griffith 400/4.3 window switches and Griffith heater controls. (2 pairs required). Griffith 500 and Chimaera window switches
  Handbrake Handles        
  Distinctive shapes and finishes to match the gear knob and make the centre console ‘all aluminium’.
  • Ergonomically designed style to fit all hand sizes, in standard, blasted, Scotch and polished finishes.
  • Precision machined from solid aluminium bar, hand finished and anodised to prevent black marks, supplied with matching aluminium release button for comfort.
  • Quick and easy to fit, instructions and all necessary tools included.
  • No modifications required to the car.
  exc VAT inc VAT
HBH 4 - Shaped - All models £47.66
HBH 4S - Scotch finish £47.66
HBH 4B - Blasted finish £47.66
HBH 4P - Polished finish £47.66
HBH 4BLK - Anodised Black finish £47.66
HBH 5 - Plain - All Models £47.66
  Dash Buttons        
  Adds a ëmore metal/less plasticí look to the dashboard
  • Replacement caps designed specifically to match the style of the instruments.
  • Fits onto all existing switches wherever black push buttons are used.
  • Precision machined from a solid aluminium bar. with positive finger location shape.
  • The ëlighterí colour makes the buttons easier to find especially at night.
  • Quick and easy to fit, no need to dismantle dashboard.
  exc VAT inc VAT
DB 3 - 3 Button set - Early Chimaera with black buttons for lights. £16.98
DB 5 - 5 Button set - Griffith 500 with illuminated Hazard switch. £24.47
DB 6 - 6 Button set - Early Griffith with non-illuminated Hazard switch. £29.15
  Cigarette Lighter Cover        
  Makes a smart Aluminium feature of the Cigarette lighter, even if it is not used.
  • Manufactured from solid aluminium with feature ëgripí rings.
  • Both parts finished to match existing controls and anodised for durability.
  • Quick and easy to fit over the existing knob.
  exc VAT inc VAT
CLC 1 - Early Chimaera/Griffith. £13.83
CLC 2 - Later Chimaera, Griffith and Cerbera. £13.83
  Blower Switch Knob        
  A quick simple change for the black knob on S-type, Chimaera and Griffith
  • A specially designed and finished aluminium knob to complement the existing controls.
  • Two choices of finish to match the existing style of instrument bezels.
  • Very quick and easy to fit with double-sided tape supplied
  • Both versions fit black Vauxhall rotary switch eg S-Type, Early Griffith Heater controls & Early Chimaera
  exc VAT inc VAT
BSK 1 - Satin aluminium finish £21.28
BSK 2 - Black Anodised finish £21.28
  Aluminium Ashtrays        
  A smart way to finish off the ashtrays in aluminium whilst fully retaining use.
  • Manufactured from solid aluminium and finished to prevent marking in use.
  • Very easy to fit and supplied with full instructions, no dismantling required.
  • Fit all Griffith,Chimaera & Cerbera models
  • For later cars where the rotating section does not have a detatchable face plate we can supply a complete ashtray with the alloy trim already fitted as a complete replacement.
  exc VAT inc VAT
AAT 1 - Aluminum Ash Tray - Face & Surround (single) £23.83
AAT 2 - Aluminum Ash Tray - Face & Surround (Pair) £40.00
AAT 1F - Aluminum Ash Tray - Face & Surround (single) Assembled £26.81
AAT 2F - Aluminum Ash Tray - Face & Surround (Pair) Assembled £45.96
  Stainless Steel Pedals        
  For improved driver ëfeelí, ideal for road use, a must for track days.
  • Racing style pedals with a larger curved surface for easier use/comfort.
  • Design allows for pedal relative positions to be adjusted.
  • Narrower clutch pedal available (SSP 2 & SSP 5) provides increase gap between clutch/brake pedals and allows for left foot to be passed between the pedals to rest position.
  • Normal adjustment range for pedal distance retained (longer version improves reach).
  • Easy to fit, all tools, fasteners and full instructions provided.
  exc VAT inc VAT
SSP 1 Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera (all models) - Set of 3 pedal extension plates to fit in place of rubber pads. £35.74
SSP 2 Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera (1993 onwards) - Replacement pedals for brake and clutch, extension plate for throttle. Cars with 7/16 UNF threads £56.17
SSP 3 Griffith/Chimaera (all models) - Complete replacement pedals for the brake and clutch, extension plate for throttle. Cars with M12 threads £56.17
SSP 4 Wedges/S-Types (all models) - Set of 3 flat pedal extension plates to fit in place of rubber pads. £35.74
SSP 5 Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera (1993 onwards) - 3 complete pedals and fully adjustable throttle arm. £102.13
SSP 6 Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera (1993 onwards) - 3 Extra long reach pedals for shorter drivers and fully adjustable throttle arm. £114.89
SSP 7 Stainless Steel Pedals - Fully adjustable set LHD £102.13
SSP 8 Stainless Steel Pedals - Extra long fully adjustable set LHD £114.89
  Oil Filler Caps        
  Replace the orange or black plastic one

  • Precision machined from solid aluminium
  • Lettering or logo is machined in to the surface.
  • Hand polished to a bright finish
  • Easier to undo than original equipment versions.
  • Official Factory logo on OFC 5, 6 & 7
  • Supplied with new o-ring seal
  • OFC 2, 3 & 5 replaces the orange cap (Rover engine).
  • OFC 6 replaces the later black/yellow cap. (Rover engine).
  • OFC 7 fits AJP 8 only.
  exc VAT inc VAT
OFC 2 Domed top - Griffith/Chimaera/V8S/Wedge £35.32
OFC 3 - Engraved text and Logo - Griffith/Chimaera/V8S/Wedge £35.32
OFC 5 - TVR© Logo - Griffith/Chimaera/V8S/Wedge £35.32
OFC 6 - TVR© Logo - Griffith/Chimaera/V8S/Wedge £35.32
OFC 7 - TVR© Logo - Griffith/Chimaera/V8S/Wedge £35.32
  Petrol Filler Caps        
  Replaces the standard cap with a smart easy to use Aluminium version
  • Internal and external design makes the cap much easier to fit and remove, especially on the Tuscan.
  • Precision machined from a solid aluminium bar and hand polished to with a traditional mirror finish.
  • Flange serves to keep fingers off the bodywork and cover the filler neck.
  • No modification required to the car, fits straight on.
  • The Black metal cap is replaced by the PC 1. This covers all cars up to Griffith/Chimaera approx. February 1998. All Cerbera models regardless of age use this cap.
  • The Plastic cap is replaced by the PC 3. This covers the later Griffith/Chimaera and all Tuscan and Tamora .
  exc VAT inc VAT
PC 1 - Petrol Cap £38.30
PC 3 - Petrol Cap £38.30
  Dash Air Vents        
  A smart finishing trim to the plastic vents
  • An aluminium trim that fits onto the existing driver/passenger air vents
  • Finished to match other Leven accessories.
  • Simple and easy to fit, no dismantling of the car required.
  exc VAT inc VAT
DAV 1 - Griffith 500 (only) set of 3 £42.13
  Engine Caps        
  For improved appearance and easier removal
  • Designed primarily for the Tuscan.
  • Introduced in 2002 with a new improved version for 2003
  • Machined from solid aluminium, polished and ready to fit.
  • Made to look like a set but with individual text and international symbols
    for the functions.
  • While not only looking good the water cap is much easier to remove than the plastic original.
  • Simple and easy to fit, no dismantling of the car required.
  • The water and power steering caps will also fit other models.
  exc VAT inc VAT
EOC 1 - Engine oil reservoir £46.81
EWC 1 - Engine water cap £46.81
EPC 1 - Power steering reservoir £46.81
ETC 1 - Cap set for Tuscan (all 3) £127.66
  Engine Cooling Kit        
  Simple, automatic and effective way to prevent overheating in traffic
  • Prevents excessive heat build up especially in traffic.
  • Helps reduce ‘heat soak’ when the engine is turned off.
  • Fully automatic, no changes to the car wiring.
  • Helps keep the interior cooler.
  • Kit contains replacement thermostat and otter switch with lower operating parameters (and water Wetter)
  • Cooling system efficiency improved by the ‘Water wetter’
  exc VAT inc VAT
ECK 1 - Engine Cooling Kit - Theromstat/Otter Switch/Water Wetter £37.15
ECK 2 - Engine Cooling Kit - Theromstat & Otter Switch £21.19
ECK 3 - Engine Cooling Kit - Water Wetter £16.10
  Gear Knob        
  Cobra shaped and specifically designed specifically for TVR©’s
  • Angled head designed to take into account the transmission tunnel height.
  • Shaped to allow ‘palming’ for quick, precise gear changes.
  • Machined from solid aluminium and anodised for durability
  • Finished to match the other Leven accessories.
  • Gear gate pattern (both Rover and T5) marking.
  • Matching new collar to lock in place (GK 1 only).
  • No modifications required to the car or tools need to fit.
  exc VAT inc VAT
GK 2 - Gear Knob (and collar) Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera £51.02
GK 1 - Gear Knob (only) Tuscan & Tamora £47.62
  Griffith Heater Controls        

Aluminium knobs that shows the settings

  • New design that clearly shows where the control is set to.
  • Eliminates the need to turn ‘off’ to reset.
  • Design is both visual and can be ‘felt’ in the dark.
  • Finished to match Leven Window Switch Covers and other accessories.
  • Easy to fit with tool supplied, no dismantling required.
  • Does not obstruct or effect the LED indicators
  exc VAT inc VAT
GHC 1 - Griffith Heater Controls Griffith 500 only set of 4 £57.40
  Stainless Steel Heel Plate        
  Compliments the pedals for both appearance and function
  • Specially machined plate to replace the plastic heal patch.
  • Will not deteriorate, rust, dent or split.
  • The surface has a smooth pattern machined in to surface (not cut right through) making them easy to clean and not sharp.
  • Plate holds carpet flat and a permanent flat surface makes a better surface for both road use and track days.
  • Supplied ready to fix to the carpet
  • Pattern matches the Leven metal pedals.
  exc VAT inc VAT
SHP 1 - Stainless Steel Heel Plate £51.49