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TVR© 450SEAC technical specification

We are proud to announce we have just purchased the latest Beissbarth four wheel tracking system.

This will enable us to carry out a very thorough and precise steering, suspension and four wheel alignment to your pride and joy.

Track day coming up? As part of our track day prep, why not have your suspension and wheel alignment adjusted for the day and stored on our computer for the next one?


TVR© 450SEAC Engine:
Type V-8 OHV
16 valves total
2 valves per cylinder
Bore × stroke 94.00mm × 81.00mm
3.7 in × 3.19 in
Bore/Stroke ratio 1.16
Displacement 4497 cc (274.424 cu in)
Unitary capacity 562.13 cc/cylinder
Compression ratio 9.80:1

Ground clearance:
Kerb weight 987 kg 2176 lb
Weight distribution (Front) 51.00 %)
Wheelbase 2413 mm 95 in
Length 4013 mm 158 in
Width 1727 mm 68 in
Height 1219 mm 48 in
Length:wheelbase ratio 1.66
Ground clearance
Kerb weight 1043 kg 2299 lb

Max. output 324.4 PS (320.0 bhp) (238.6 kW) @5700 rpm
Max. torque 420.0 Nm (310 lbft) (42.8 kgm) @4000 rpm
Specific output 71.2 bhp/litre 1.17 bhp/cu in)
Specific torque 93.4 Nm/litre


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